Compass 10 Patencio | Lynda Keeler

Compass 10 Patencio | Lynda Keeler

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Lynda Keeler

Compass 10 Patencio

mixed media on canvas

50 x 40 in

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Lynda Keeler's third solo show with the team from Mojave Flea and first at their new Market Market shop and gallery in Palm Springs celebrates Palm Springs through a fresh interpretation of local neighborhoods featuring new paintings on old canvases.

The Compass series of paintings are inspired by her time in the desert and continues her exploration of color, light and shapes with the circle being the central navigational element.

The circle is a universal symbol with extensive meanings, enigmatic in that it has no beginning, middle or end. It incorporates movement and symbolizes the cycle of time and is an integral part of nature. These paintings slyly reference barrel cactus, cul de sacs, street signs, breeze blocks, planets, the moon and the ever present sun that are all seen on her daily walks.

The paintings are distinguished by their depth, body, and texture. She achieves this through methodologies that can be the layering of thick slabs of vivid acrylic paint and sometimes scraping it away or adding a dab of enamel paint, applying a nearly transparent splash of pigment or mixing in sand and glass on the canvas.

Market Market is a new 40,000 square foot emporium of fine vintage and repurposed goods including apparel, accessories, housewares, furniture, art and design. The store celebrates the beautiful things that already exist in the world. It’s open daily from 11am to 5pm at 1555 S Palm Canyon Dr.


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